Pedestrian Lawyer in Sydney

Pedestrian Accident Solicitor in Sydney

Sharing the road responsibly is a duty shared by all, however, many car and truck drivers do not show this duty of care to others on the road, including pedestrians. Sadly, many pedestrians are seriously injured or tragically killed in accidents caused by the careless or reckless actions of a motor vehicle driver.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Sydney

When a 4,000-pound (or heavier) vehicle is involved in an accident with a pedestrian, the outcome is typically catastrophic for the pedestrian. The human body is not designed to withstand an impact with a large vehicle. When hit by a car, truck or heavy vehicle, a pedestrian can be thrown into the road or propelled into the windshield. After being hit, it is not uncommon for a pedestrian to suffer from one or more types of serious injuries, such as a brain injury, spinal cord injury, road rash injury, impalement injury, bone fracture injury, back injury, head injury, amputation injury, burn injury, and an internal organ injury.

Pedestrian Accident Solicitors in Sydney

At the Sydney Compensation Lawyers Group, the skilled pedestrian accident lawyers we work with have years of experience handling pedestrian accident claims and have recovered significant settlements for the damages related to a serious injury. Utilizing the best legal resources, they can determine who is at fault for the accident and explore all possible sources of compensation. The aggressive pedestrian accident solicitors in our group understand the staggering costs of treating a serious injury and will not rest until clients have recovered full compensation for:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages from taking time off work
  • Emotional anguish
  • Physical pain
  • Caregiving costs

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Sydney

Throughout the years they have been practicing law, the experienced pedestrian accident lawyers at Compensation Lawyers Group in Sydney have worked with many clients injured in pedestrian accidents stemming from:

  • Driver intoxication
  • Driver failing to obey traffic signs or signals (e.g. running red light, running through crosswalk without stopping)
  • Driver distraction (e.g. talking or texting while driving, talking to a passenger, eating or drinking while driving)
  • Poor road maintenance
  • Poorly maintained landscaping or sidewalks

Regardless of whether or not you think you have a case, it is highly recommended you speak to an ethical pedestrian accident solicitor at Sydney Compensation Lawyers Group. After reviewing your potential case, they can quickly determine if you are able to move forward with the claims process. If you are able to file a claim, the skilled pedestrian accident lawyers we work with can construct a clear plan to getting you funds for injury expenses.

Pedestrian Accident Solicitor in Sydney

Per state law, you only have six months from the date the accident occurred to file a claim. Six months can pass very quickly, especially when litigating a complex pedestrian accident case. If you wait to take action and the time given by the state to file a claim expires, you will be denied the ability to pursue financial compensation. A diligent pedestrian accident lawyer at Compensation Lawyers Group in Sydney can make sure your paperwork is accurately completed and submitted before the time allowed by the state expires. Call our law group today to ensure you and your family obtains the funds you need for a brighter future.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Sydney

To learn how an aggressive pedestrian accident solicitor at Sydney Compensation Lawyers Group can help, call +61 2 8073 4439 right now. Call our legal team today and you can make an appointment for a no cost, no obligation consultation. If you decide filing a claim is the best legal path for you and your family, the skilled pedestrian accident lawyers in our group will represent you on a no win, no fee basis.